4 Qualities to Look at When Hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney in San Antonio

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is against the law. If you have been harassed, you may be wondering what to do. You need to talk to an experienced sexual harassment attorney. A sexual harassment lawyer San Antonio provides legal services to victims of sexual harassment. These attorneys help with advising on filing a claim, preparing an employment contract, or fighting criminal charges. They know how to navigate the language and complexity of these laws to protect you as best they can.

If you want to know what qualities make a good San Antonio sexual ha rassment lawyer, read on!

  • Compassionate approach

A San Antonio sexual harassment attorney should have a compassionate approach that helps you feel at ease. It is not easy to talk about being sexually harassed. You are most likely frustrated, scared, and angry because of what has happened to you. A lawyer’s ability to help you through these emotions and make your situation better can be made or broken by how compassionate your attorney is towards you.

  • Listening skills

A San Antonio sexual harassment lawyer should be able to listen to all sides of a situation. He or she should analyze the situation from different perspectives and be able to understand the issues at hand. This will help you feel like your attorney has your best interests in mind. A good attorney uses this insight to help you feel calm, competent, and safe during your time in court.

  • Analytical ability

A San Antonio sexual harassment attorney should be able to understand how a situation should be handled. He or she will consider all the different possible outcomes and consequences so that you are informed of your choices and can make the right decision. A good lawyer understands how complex and difficult a problem can be, and quickly break down the situation so that you do not need to.

  • Creativity

A San Antonio sexual harassment attorney should be able to use their creativity to create a defense that fits the situation. When you are going into court, it may look like the defense has no chance at all. However, a creative lawyer is able to use creative angles and approaches that can turn what looks like an inevitable outcome into one that is less clear-cut. You should feel confident that your attorney can use his or her creativity to build a strong defense.

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