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Goa is a paradise for beach lovers not only in India but for tourists from all around the globe. It is little known that Goa offers one of the best green treks in the country. Indeed, these lesser-traveled trails are Goa’s best-kept secrets. There are many trails in Goa that a trekking enthusiast must embark upon. Sonsogor, Netravali, Todo Waterfalls, and Dudhsagar waterfall trek are some of the popular ones. 

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

The Dudhsagar waterfall trek is one of India’s highest and most beautiful waterfalls. It has been featured in the Bollywood movie “Chennai Express” following which it gained even more popularity. Such is its view and it is made even more beautiful due to the train track passing just over it. When a train passes, it looks as if it is hovering over the waterfalls. 

Location: Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa-Karnataka border

Height: 1017ft or 310m

River: Mandovi

Trek Distance: 23km or 14.29mi

Best Time To Visit: June to September (Monsoon) & November-December(post-Monsoon)

The Dudhsagar waterfall trek takes you through the beautiful green forests of the Sahayadri hills in the Goa-Karnataka border region. This trek is like no other because you get to walk on railway tracks throughout to your destination. On your way, you will come across tunnels and small waterfalls. During monsoon and post-monsoon season, the beauty of this trek becomes manifold as the area becomes greener and more vibrant.

You can either start from Culem station in Goa or Castlerock station in Karnataka. The distance from both the stations is almost the same- about 11 kilometers. It will take about 5 to 6 hours to cover one way. You can either head back to the same railway station, board a train or you can camp at the Dudhsagar railway station campsite. If you wish to camp here then it is advisable that you carry your own tent as they are not provided. It is best that you carry your own food and essential items.

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Sonsogor Trek

Location: Sattari Taluka, Western Ghats

Height: 1026m or 3366m

Trek Distance: 15km or 9.3mi

Best Time To Visit: November-January

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Sonsogor, also known by the names Sonsogodd and Darsingha is the highest peak in all of Goa. This trek is a lot easier despite its altitude as it takes only 2-3 hours for the trek to finish. When you reach the peak, your eyes will be blessed by views of the magnificent hills and valleys down below and all around you along with the clouds.

There will be many instances where you will be tempted to pause and take pictures on the way and you must. What’s more, you will get to add a feather to your cap- the highest peak of Goa.

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Netravali Waterfall Trek

Location: Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa

Height: 30-50m

Trek Distance: 17km or 10.6mi

Best Time To Visit: October to July

The Netravali waterfall trek is a trek to two waterfalls- the Savri or Neturlem waterfalls and Mainapi waterfalls both in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary of South Goa. You can do either of the treks or both, depending on your stamina. Trekking to either of the waterfalls is doable by one and all. 

The trek starts from the entry gate to the Netravali wildlife sanctuary. They will charge you ₹100 per person and additional for parking and cameras. From here the trek is about 4km to the Savri waterfall. The trail is sloping downwards a kilometer before the waterfalls. So, expect a little steep climb on your way back. The waterfalls are big and worth the trek. You can easily swim around and even spot colorful fishes in the waters. You will have to return to the gate 4.5km from where are Mainapi waterfalls. Both the waterfalls have forest guards for your safety.

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Keri to Arambol Lake Trek

Location: Querim and Arambol Beach

Trek Distance: 5km or 3.1mi

Best Time To Visit: November-February (Winter) and July-September(Monsoon)

This is a beach trek that starts from Keri or Querim Beach to Arambol Sweet lake near Arambol beach. It is one of the most peaceful and adventurous trails because it is quite unnoticed and has different terrains. One moment you are at a beach the next you are in plateaus and the next you are relaxing in a sweet water lake. The switch of these trails is transcendental. 

You will begin at the beautiful Keri beach at dawn. It is better if you start early. Then you shall pass through rich plateaus. After that, you will descend towards dense forests for some time before you reach the lake. The forest is thick and has rich flora and fauna which you can be amazed at as you move towards the lake. Since Arambol lake has sweet water you will get Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth to apply over your body before entering the waters. You can relieve your tiredness away at this sweet water lake.

After a meaningful amount of timeout at the lake, you can start heading back to Keri beach. The path of return is the ridge alongside the Arabian sea which will be filled with prickly bushes and thus requires a little caution. The view on your left will surely be worth capturing the silent sea.

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