Bruce Weber Photographer Offers General Insight into Making Feature Documentaries


Making documentaries is one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors one might be involved in. While Bruce Weber Photographer is majorly known for his fashion photography, he has also made some incredible documentaries. He was photographing the Olympic hopefuls for Interview in 1984 Bruce met a young boxer from Oregon called Andy Minsker and started to interview him.

While he originally intended to make a short to accompany an exhibition, Bruce became very excited when he reviewed the dailies and chose to continue the story. Broken Noses (1987), the resulting feature documentary made by Bruce Weber, was nominated for the Grand Jury Award at Sundance in 1988.

A documentary film examines or showcases a real-life person, event, theme or issue. While planning to make a documentary, one must select a subject that truly excites them. Unless a person is actually passionate about the topic, they will not be able to effectively tell its tale to the audience. Subsequent to finding the topic, it shall be the time to do research. One must try to learn everything they can about the topic or subject of their documentary.

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In a few cases, plots and incidents are pretty evident, but in many cases, they are not. Hence, one must not leave any stone unturned during the research process and try to guarantee exactness. Proper research would help people to find fascinating and moving points that can be included in the documentary to make it more impactful. They should try to incorporate central issues that will resonate with their audience.

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After the research is done,

One has to properly plan the production and story structure. A storyboard has to be created that can be followed once the filmmaking process starts off. This is the phase where one must become more specific about how they plan to film their documentary. They need to determine the central plot and focus, add persuasion elements to the story. Mark the important characters, as well as develop a narrating structure and overall storyline.

Depending on the structure and progression of the story, one may need to shoot an entirely original film or use existing videos and resources to tell the story. Documentaries are divided into distinguished groups and categories. Filmmakers should try to push traditional boundaries or combine elements from varied modes to create a unique documentary.

Looking at comparative documentaries,

As well as the works of popular professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer would help people to gain the needed inspiration for their documentary. As Bruce was completing work on Broken Noses. He met the legendary jazz trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker and started filming him.

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He ended up assembling the footage of travel, recording sessions, and interviews for his second feature, Let’s Get Lost (1988). The documentary debuted in Venice and was nominated for a Grand Jury Award at Sundance. As well as even for an Oscar for best documentary feature.

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