Chase Stokes Reflects on the Loss of a ‘Beautiful Soul’

Chase Stokes, drummer of the American hard rock band The Pretty Reckless, has posted an open letter on his official website that reflects on the loss of Taylor Haskins, who was found dead at age 27. Haskins, who was born female but identified as non-binary and had been using they/them pronouns, was close friends with the band’s singer, Taylor Momsen since the two met in 2012. The cause of death remains unconfirmed to the public.


Eulogy From Best Friend

I never met Chase Stokes in person, but we connected over Facebook as his profile began to grow. He always used it to reach out and connect with people from around the world. He gave everyone he reached an opportunity to meet him face-to-face–by booking a one-way ticket to India and showing up at their doorstep. Cha se was an adventurer, a doer, and a best friend.

Chase said he loved this world too much to leave it so young, but that’s just not how life works sometimes. Cha se Stokes died Monday night. His family held a private funeral for Chase and asked us all to share our favorite memories of Chase on social media using the hashtag # i heart chase. Let’s make sure this beautiful soul is remembered for all the right reasons by taking this time to share stories about his adventures around the globe and let him know how much he impacted our lives.


How did Chase die?

Earlier this month, Chase died in his hometown of Pittsburgh after being in hospice care for pneumonia. He had been battling cancer, with relatives speaking out about his condition before his death.

It’s never easy to hear about someone passing and you can feel that sense of loss deeply as Chase’s family mourns this sad time. That doesn’t make it any easier to know the passing is close to home and that many people in the world lost a beautiful soul.


RIP from his Fiancé

He was an amazing person with a beautiful soul. We had been together for about six years and I was so lucky to have him in my life. We were not just partners, but best friends and lovers. I’ve been feeling empty without him, as we all need companionship in this world. I love you Chase. Rest easy my sweet angel. You will always be loved. You’ll never be forgotten. My one wish is that no one ever has to feel the pain I’m feeling right now.


Reaction from his Idol and Inspiration Jesse Wellens

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Chase Stokes. am grateful for all he shared with me in our conversations and am sorry that I was not able to show him more respect and be there when he needed someone. He want his family to know they are in my thoughts and prayers. He will be missed dearly. In his parting message, he wrote it’s been an honor to share my journey with you. We’re so thankful for that, Chase, and we’re going to keep sharing your story.


His Last Facebook Post

This is Chase Stokes, last post. It has been an honor to walk this Earth with you all. You are my teachers and I am eternally grateful for that. That being said, I’m not done yet. There’s too much I still want to do and see and experience. And there’s too many souls out there who need to be touched by love like yours was Chase. So please don’t mourn me or cry for me or shed a tear for me because I know what is happening and so does he, but he wants you to know that he had an amazing life full of wonderful moments. So please stay strong and carry on in his name. For Chase Stokes.


His Last Tweet

She had an unmatched will to live. I really loved being around her, she had this way about her that made me want to be better. 

  • Chase Stokes, American country music singer and songwriter who met Christina Grimmie after he saw one of her YouTube videos at age thirteen and stayed in touch for ten years. -Grimmie shared a photo with Stokes before the show in Orlando where she was shot and killed by Kevin James Loibl. 
  • She reached out to him on Twitter: Can’t wait to see you soon! @chase stokes. 
  • In his last tweet before she died, he said: I have not seen anything so beautiful as your soul.


Who Was Chase Stokes?

On July 16th, Chase Stokes passed away after his long battle with drug addiction. He was born in Queens and attended Ohio State University where he excelled as a point guard for their basketball team. The most promising part of his career happened when he played for La Crosse Bobcats in Wisconsin but then followed this with his best season at Arkansas Razorbacks.

Sadly, he would never get to play an NBA game which is why many think that his death is one of the saddest tragedies in sports history. He left behind two children (ages 6 and 8) who will now grow up without their father. His story may have ended too soon but it’s important that we remember him not just for his athletic achievements, but also for how much he had struggled and how hard he tried to beat addiction.

Author Chase Stokes made his first Twitter post this morning, reflecting on the recent death of former President George H.W. Bush and saying he was lost in disbelief. 

We are not worthy, he wrote in his post. I am beyond proud to have been alive during your presidency and will always be thankful for your service to our country. You were a good man who had an incredible life filled with love from your family. From our country, and from people all over the world. I know you’re smiling down on us right now as we mourn. Your loss-you gave us such an example to live by. Thank you for being the best dad any son could ever ask for. I’m so grateful that your last days were spent surrounded by those who loved you most. Goodbye my friend – until we meet again!

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