Dog Bite and How You Can File a Case with the Lawyer

Dog Bite

Many people are there who have kids at their home and one of the major risks that kids can be exposed to while playing in the courtyard or outside is dog bites. Besides kids, there are also adults who can be the victim of dog bites. In the US, there are 80% cases of dog bites and in most of the cases, the dog bites are fatal. So, what to do after a dog bite? The first and the foremost thing that you are supposed to do when you get a dog bite or your child gets a dog bite is to immediately seek medical attention.

Seek Medical Help – 

You should take the child or you should go to the doctor and get take vaccination for the same. After you have taken the medical treatment for a dog bite, you should connect with a lawyer. There are two reasons you should connect with a lawyer. Firstly, the owner of the dog is liable for the injury that has been caused to you and, or your child. In case the dog is a stray dog, then it is the state that will be held liable for the injury caused to you. It is the responsibility of the state to provide a safe and secure walking path and playing area for kids and adults.

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Strict Liability and Hiring Lawyers – 

So, in case of a dog bite, you can hire a good attorney or lawyer who can defend your case and get you compensated for the same. Under strict liability (Law of Torts) the owners are responsible for causing the injury by not keeping the animal tied and leaving it open to escape. So, you should hire a good lawyer who’s erudite and have years of experience in handling such cases. It is very natural for anyone to get a dog bite. People walk on the roads. Are on the playground and parks and if anyone brings a dog there and keeps it open. To escape and cause harm to others will be strictly liable.

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Children Are Innocent – 

Besides that, even if it is the fault of your child, still you will get compensated. It is because children are innocent and they don’t know the consequences of teasing a dog or pulling their tail or mocking or others. It can happen that the owner may saddle the blame on you. By saying that you or your child teased the dog. Annoyed the dog, and for other reasons shall accompany. But you should gather all the evidence for the same.

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Dangerous Breed of Dogs – 

Besides that, the owner will be liable under strict liability anyhow. Also, you should know that the American pit bull terrier also just known as Pit Bulls. Rottweiler, German Shepherd, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff. And Siberian Husky is a dangerous breed of dog that can attack and cause injury of a fatal kind. So, you should keep all the records of the incident like at what time did you go out. Which dog attacked you and which place and whose dog it is and others. So that it can be easy for the lawyers to present the case before the Court.

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