Give Your Customers Value for Money with The Powersports Gap 150 Total Loss Protection Program


As a Powersports dealer, you need to cater to your customer’s needs even after the vehicle’s purchase. Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP is one such customer benefit where the program pays the difference between the loan balance and the ACV or the actual cash value of the vehicle in case it is a total loss. When customers go in for GAP protection for motorcycles and other vehicles, they get the peace of mind needed for the full enjoyment of their car.

How does the Powersports Gap 150 Total Loss Protection Program work?

A Powersports vehicle is said to be a total loss in any of the following cases-

  1. If the damage incurred in the accident increases its costs of repair or salvage more than its insurance value, or
  2. When the vehicle has been stolen and cannot be recovered.

Most of these losses occur in the first six months of vehicle ownership.

Under normal circumstances, even if you incur a total loss, you must pay the difference in the sum you owe your dealer (this is based on the retailer contract) and the ACV of the Powersports vehicle during the time it has been declared a complete loss.

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How will this unique program help you?

The Powersports Gap 150 Total Loss Protection Program will pay the difference for you instead. Along with this Program, there is another unique offering called the Protective Asset Protection Program that allows customers to feel assured as they know they will never suffer financially after the theft of the accident.

The significance of this unique program

The program is significant today as loan advances are rising from banks, and customers are incurring more debt when faced with a total loss. Again, when most customers buy the Powersports vehicle, they begin their loans with a negative balance that starts from depreciation.

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The purpose of GAP 150 for the customer

The GAP 150 understands the above issue, which is why it has been created with the highest industry coverage value. Its goal is to assure customers of protection irrespective if they own a motorcycle or an ATV. The GAP Insurance safeguards the credit and helps reduce the likelihood of you making payments for a vehicle with which you have suffered a complete loss.

Salient Features of this exclusive program

The Powersports Gap 150 Total Loss Protection Program will pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the Retail Value (NADA), whichever is more, during the total loss, and the remaining balance on the loan, you no longer need to pay for the vehicle. This program gives you up to one thousand dollars of the customer’s insurance deductible. GAP 150 is today the highest GAP coverage available in the Powersports industry.

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This insurance is available on new and pre-owned Powersports vehicles. The coverage starts immediately after you have signed up for the program. And you have the liberty to cancel it anytime you want. To know about its details, you should contact your dealer.

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