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Helena Bonham Carter

What is Helena Bonham Carter Total assets and Compensation?

Helena Bonham Carter is an English entertainer who has a total assets of $60 million bucks. Bonham Carter made her big screen debut in 1985’s “A Room with a View,” however 1986’s “Woman Jane” was really recorded prior.

Helena Bonham Carter has proceeded to show up in excess of 100 film and TV tasks, and she is notable for featuring in the movies of Tim Burton (who she was involved with for north of 10 years), including “Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing plant” (2005), “Sweeney Todd: The Evil spirit Stylist of Armada Road” (2007), and “Alice in Wonderland” (2010).

Helena Bonham Carter played Bellatrix Lestrange in “Harry Potter and the Request for the Phoenix” (2007), “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Ruler” (2009), “Harry Potter and the Ghastly Honors – Section 1” (2010) and “Harry Potter and the Haunting Blesses – Section 2” (2011), and her other film credits incorporate “Battle Club” (1999), “Eliminator Salvation” (2009), “The Lord’s Discourse” (2010), “Les Misérables” (2012), and “Cinderella” (2015). In 2012, Helena was delegated a Leader of the Most Superb Request of the English Realm.

Early Life

Helena Bonham Carter was brought into the world on May 26, 1966, in Islington, London, Britain. She experienced childhood in Golders Green with mother Elena (a psychotherapist), father Raymond (a trader financier), and more established siblings Edward and Thomas. Raymond, who died in 2004, was the child of lawmaker/women’s activist Violet Bonham Carter, and Elena’s dad was negotiator Eduardo Propper de Callejón.

At the point when Helena was 5 years of age, her mom experienced a mental meltdown and required three years to recuperate, and the experience motivated Elena to turn into a psychotherapist. Five years after Elena recuperated, Raymond was determined to have acoustic neuroma and had a stroke after inconveniences emerged during a medical procedure to eliminate the growth.

After the stroke, Raymond was half-incapacitated and wheelchair-bound. Bonham Carter went to South Hampstead Secondary School and Westminster School, and Lord’s School, Cambridge denied her affirmation, expecting that Helena would pass on school to zero in on acting. At age 13, she was sprinter up in a public composing challenge and utilized her rewards to enter her photograph into the “Spotlight” projecting catalog. Bonham Carter before long endorsed with a specialist and got her most memorable acting position, a business, at 16.


In 1983, Helena Bonham Carter played a little part in the TV film “An Example of Roses.” She then shot the motion pictures “Woman Jane” and “A Room with a View,” playing the lead job in both, and in 1987, she visitor featured on two episodes of “Miami Bad habit” and showed up in the movies “Maurice” and “A Risk of Hearts.”

Helena Bonham Carter played Ophelia in 1990’s “Hamlet and Julia in 1996’s “Twelfth Evening,” and 1997’s “The Wings of the Pigeon” procured her basic recognition and various honors. She then showed up in a few high-netting films, including 1999’s “Battle Club” ($101.2 million), 2001’s “Planet of the Gorillas” ($362.2 million), and 2005’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Production line” ($475 million). Helena voiced the title character in 2005’s “Cadaver Lady” and sold the “most terrible pies in London” as Mrs.

Lovett in the 2007 melodic “Sweeney Todd: The Evil spirit Stylist of Armada Road.” She played Bellatrix Lestrange in the last four movies of the “Harry Potter” series, which all netted more than $900 million; 2011’s “Harry Potter and the Haunting Blesses – Section 2” is perhaps of the most monetarily fruitful film in history with an overall gross of $1.342 billion.

In 2010, Bonham Carter depicted Sovereign Elizabeth in

The Ruler’s Discourse” and the Red Sovereign in “Alice in Wonderland,” repeating her part in 2016’s “Alice Into another world.” In 2012, she played Dr. Julia Hoffman in the film transformation of “Dim Shadows,” Miss Havisham in “Extraordinary Assumptions,” and Madame Thénardier in the melodic “Les Misérables,” which won a Brilliant Globe for Best Movie – Melodic or Parody and a Satellite Honor for Best Cast – Film.

In 2013, Helena Bonham Carter depicted Elizabeth Taylor in the BBC4 TV film “Burton and Taylor,” and she played the Divine helper in 2015’s Cinderella,” which got $542.4 million in the cinema world. As of late, she has showed up in the movies 55 Stages (2017) and Sea’s 8″ (2018) and participated in a few undertakings for Netflix, voicing Maudra Mayrin/The All-Maudra on the “The Dim Gem. Time of Obstruction (2019), playing Eudoria Holmes in Enola Holmes (2020), and depicting Princess Margaret on The Crown (2019-2020).

Individual Life Helena Bonham Carter

In 1994, Helena started an undertaking with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Chief Kenneth Branagh, who was hitched to entertainer Emma Thompson at that point. Kenneth and Emma separated from the next year, and Bonham Carter and Branagh split up in 1999. In 2001, Helena met chief Tim Burton while shooting “Planet of the Gorillas,” and they were seeing someone 2014.

They invited child Billy on October 4, 2003, and girl Nell on December 15, 2007. In 2018, Bonham Carter started dating creator Rye Dag Holmboe. In August 2008, four of Helena’s family members passed on in a safari transport crash while visiting South Africa. Bonham Carter was recording. Eliminator Salvation” in New Mexico when the misfortune happened. And was given endless leave so she could travel to London to accompany her loved ones. Helena turned into a supporter of the Activity Duchenne noble cause in October 2008. And she was named to England’s Holocaust Bonus in mid 2014.

Grants and Designations Helena Bonham Carter

Bonham Carter has been designated for two Foundation Grants. Best Entertainer in a Main Job for “The Wings of the Pigeon” (1998) and. Best Execution by an Entertainer in a Supporting Job for “The Ruler’s Discourse (2011). She has procured eight Brilliant Globe designations and four Early evening Emmy selections. And she won a BAFTA Film Grant for “The Ruler’s Discourse” in 2011.

That year, the BAFTA/LA Britannia Grants named Helena English Craftsman of. The Year she won grants from the CinEuphoria Grants and Italian Web-based Film Grants. And  The Lord’s Discourse” cast got a Screen Entertainers Society Grant. “Sweeney Todd” procured her a. Realm Grant (as battled Club) and a Night Standard English Film Grant, and she won a few honors for

The Wings of the Pigeon, including a Transmission Film Pundits Affiliation Grant. Chlotrudis Grant, Las Vegas Film Pundits Society Grant, London Pundits Circle Film Grant. And Public Leading group of Survey Grant. Bonham Carter acquired Web-based Film and TV Affiliation Grants for. Merlin” in 1998 and “The Crown” in 2020, and in 2014. The Russian Public Film Grants named her Best Unfamiliar Entertainer of the 10 years.


At the point when Tim and Helena were together, they broadly resided in. London in two nearby homes which were connected together. After their separation, Helena got responsibility for double property while Tim purchased another house close by for $14 million.


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