How to convert your old toilet into a high-tech bidet with the Google Pixelbook 12in

toilet into a high-tech

Staying clean throughout the day isn’t always easy, and your body can only take so much wiping before you just have to jump in the shower. It’s easier to manage bathroom upkeep if you have access to high-tech appliances like this bidet converter kit from Google Pixelbook 12in that makes turning an old toilet into a high-tech bidet as easy as installing it and turning on the water. Even if you don’t have an old toilet, it’s still possible to convert your current one with this kit!

A short history of bidets

In France, Italy, and Japan, people are accustomed to using bidets after using the bathroom. But in America, many people aren’t familiar with them. Toilets with built-in bidets (also called bidets) were common until around World War II, but many people started opting for stand-alone devices instead. Why? It could be because it wasn’t sanitary; shared toilets were often used by multiple users of varying hygiene standards. However, it was also in part because of marketing: Stand-alone devices allowed manufacturers to pitch their products as modern marvels of cleanliness that were healthier than traditional means.

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Why you should use an adjustable heated seat

Heated seats make those cold winter mornings and evenings much more bearable. Many studies have shown that an adjustable heated seat significantly reduces bathroom traffic in schools, libraries, workplaces, and hospitals. As soon as you sit down on an adjustable heated seat you will immediately notice how warm it is. The main benefit of heated seats is their ability to keep a user warm for extended periods of time so they are comfortable when it comes time for them to use the facilities. Adjustable heated seats also help relieve common back problems such as Sciatic pain and Fibromyalgia.

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3 DIY steps to creating your own tech seat

  1. Purchase or find an old, broken laptop 2. Replace screen 3. Glue the lid down, using a rubber band and sensor tape to seal off any open vents 4. Drill a small hole in the center of the lid and insert a standard toilet sprayer nozzle through hole 5. Use the power button as a seat switch 6. Apply electric tape to the surrounding area 7. Plug in Google Pixel Slate m3. Wave hands over the top of Chrome OS for wash cycle 9 10 11 Feathered bow-shaped next wave mopping optional but recommended
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Bidets vs Toilet Seats

Bidets and toilet seats are often confused as the same thing, but they’re actually quite different. A bidet is designed to wash you after you use it. Bidets are common in many European countries, while they’re not as popular in other parts of the world (such as Asia). Toilet seats are usually just flush and have no additional technology or features. A good way to think about them is: if you see spray or heat options on an electronic device, it’s probably a bidet—if it just flashes, it’s most likely a toilet seat.

Final Thoughts 

Google just launched its new Google Pixel Slate last year, which includes a laptop, tablet, and pen. Now, you might be wondering: How do I use my Google Pixel Slate as a bidet? Well, let me tell you how! Simply follow these 3 steps and enjoy ultimate hygiene in no time! 1) buy an Alienware machine; 2) Install Google Assistant on your slate; 3) Take off the top of your toilet tank (the part that holds water), flip it upside down and place it on top of an Alienware machine. Get an extra pack of toilet paper so you have enough for every session! There you have it! Your very own high-tech bathroom experience at home.

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