Paul Favret Discusses a Few Trends Related to the Advancement of the Solar Energy Industry


The solar energy industry remained quite resilient even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Government incentives for solar panels, consistent technology improvements, and the growing competitiveness of solar energy storage batteries have assisted in the acceleration of clean energy deployment. A host of experienced experts associated with the energy industry, including Paul Favret, maintains a keen interest in the domain of solar power. Based on the current market and trends, the next few years do look promising for solar energy installations.

Solar panels continue to become increasingly efficient,

Enabling businesses and homes to produce a greater amount of electricity in a limited space. Solar PV panels are becoming lighter in weight, and tend to have a thinner profile and sleeker appearance today. This makes the panels a lot more visually appealing. Moreover, solar shingles are becoming quite widespread, and there are way more available products than before in the market. The solar energy expenses, however, seem to stay relatively stable despite such improvements.

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A host of solar panel manufacturers do provide longer warranties today than ever become, which makes solar power a good investment. Such advancements come as good news for solar contractors across the planet.

With the developments taking place in solar energy technology,

Its use in a host of products is becoming more affordable and widespread. For instance, the use of LED streetlights powered by solar energy helps cut energy bills and carbon emissions in several urban areas, and promotes energy efficiency, while simultaneously protecting public safety. PV noise barriers along the highways make neighboring communities more livable by generating renewable energy. Moreover, EV chargers are also increasingly powered by solar panels. One should expect a significant expansion in photovoltaic solar applications, as new and innovative uses of solar power keep emerging.

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The United States has experienced multiple high-profile power outages over the last few years, which has prompted many to consider solar batteries. Conversely, while the capacity of advanced solar batteries has increased in recent years, its cost has become more affordable. Moreover, federal tax credit and numerous state or utility incentives are applicable for solar batteries. All of these factors have been converging, leading to a considerable growth in the sales of solar storage solutions.

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Solar installations

Are expected to increase across all market segments through the year of 2022, as non-utility businesses and developers try to take advantage of federal tax credits in the United States. Energy investment models pioneered by several Fortune 500 companies shall also continue to attract big investors. With the remarkable growth and resilience of the solar power industry, it is normal for it to attract the interest of energy industry professionals like Paul Favret. Paul is a long-time energy, oil, and gas sector professional, and has played a major role in establishing multiple companies.

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