Places To Visit In Goa After The Pandemic


We can all agree that the year 2020 was one of the most surprising. Because of the lockdown, most of our personal and professional travel plans were either postponed or cancelled. As the economy gradually improves, many people have been bitten by the travel bug. And rightfully so! Staying inside since March, agitated by the pandemic, can turn anyone into a hodophile. Nature has been resurrected in recent months; don’t you want to reconnect with it as well? If you want to reconnect with nature, Goa is the perfect place to get away from the chaos caused by COVID-19. 

Goa can revitalise any type of visitor, whether it’s a quick weekend trip to relax on the beach or a staycation to “work-from-home” (ha ha!). People can now visit Goa after the relaxed regulations go into effect in September. If you enter the state by air, road, or rail, you do not need to carry a Covid-19 negative certificate, an e-pass, or go through quarantine. Despite the fact that social distance and mandatory precautions, such as mask wear and sanitizer use, must be observed. Now that the monsoon season has ended and the tourist season has begun, it is the ideal time to plan a trip to Goa.

  1. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Chorao Island: This is one of Goa’s hidden gems and an ideal location for bird watching and spending time with nature. It is an estuarine mangrove habitat along the Mandovi River named after the well-known ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali. The sanctuary is accessible by ferry from Ribander. During the winter, the best time to visit is early in the morning, when the area is teeming with migratory birds and exotic animals. A walkway is being constructed among the mangroves that will be ideal for a leisurely stroll. A boat tour around the island is also available to see the marshes and mangroves.

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  1. Netravali waterfalls and Wildlife Sanctuary

Netravali Waterfalls and Wildlife Sanctuary, Verlem: The sanctuary is home to two waterfalls known as the Netravali waterfalls, Minapi and Savari. It is located near the Karnataka-Goa border in a lush green forest. The trail to the waterfalls passes through several small streams. Along the way, you can see a variety of animals, birds, and rare butterfly species. The setting is similar to Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. The picturesque view of the falls, combined with a swim in the water, make this a must-see in Goa!

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  1. Kesarval and Udear Springs, Verna

Kesarval and Udear Springs, Verna: these small springs are truly some of Goa’s offbeat, mostly unknown destinations. The sound of gurgling water cascading down the rocks is very soothing. Kesarval Springs is a remote waterfall with rumoured medicinal properties. Bathing in this water is rejuvenating, similar to visiting a natural spa. Kesarval Springs is not far from Udear Springs. The water is shallow and ideal for splashing. You could even get a natural pedicure while the tiny red garra fish nibble on your feet. Both of these locations are best visited during or right after the monsoon season.

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  1. Carmona Beach

Carmona Beach, Carmona: Carmona is a lovely, tranquil stretch of beach in southern Goa. It is surrounded by palm groves on one side and the majestic Arabian Sea on the other. It is a tranquil and charming beach that attracts both fishermen and locals. At night, bioluminescence in water is common. As you watch the waves crashing on the shore or walk barefoot in the shallow water, you will notice a light blue glow. It is without a doubt one of the most thrilling and extraordinary experiences you will ever have.

  1. Agonda Beach

Another hidden gem is Agonda Beach in Agonda. Beaches in southern Goa The ultramarine waters. The Agonda beach completes the picture. It has a tranquil setting with numerous yoga retreats and spacious shacks as well as cool bars Dolphins are frequently spotted in the ocean.

The water is clear and pristine here. It is perfect for sunbathing, book reading by the sea, or simply strolling while strolling along the beach and admiring the fiery sunset. There are numerous eco-huts and rooms with sea views to stay on the beach and take in the beauty of nature eat the sea’s vastness

  1. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach, Palolem: One of Goa’s most picturesque beaches, with a white crescent shoreline and crystal clear waters. It is perfectly situated for a refreshing swim in the Arabian Sea. Palolem, known for its bizarre silent disco parties and a plethora of souvenir shops, has something for everyone. It also has a lovely rock garden and calm backwaters surrounded by lush greenery at the far end. Kayaking, boating, parasailing, and windsurfing are all options for getting your adrenaline pumping here.

  1. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach, Palolem: There is no better place to find peace and tranquillity than Butterfly Beach. This is a small remote beach that can only be reached by boat from Palolem and Agonda beaches. You can also get here by hiking through the dense forest, which is a small but thrilling adventure. At low tide, the sea’s shallow waters are teeming with marine life. It’s aggravating to see goldfish, sea urchins, redfish, dolphins, and sea cucumbers in the water. Swimming is probably not a good idea on this rocky beach, but this place is meant for relaxing by the sea and disconnecting from the outside world.

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