Premium Evening Desert Safari


Dubai – the capital of the United Arab Emirates is aptly named the most luxurious city in the Persian Gulf. It shows the glow of the glowing sky, the unusual nightlife, and the filthy rags, but the only thing left is the desert of the sea in Dubai.

The experience of spending a spectacular day and a historic night in the great Arabian desert safari dubai includes safaris, wildlife watching in a Land Rover, spending an entire night in the middle of a desert in an Arab tent adorned with natural beauty.

As you plan to spend the day in the great Arabian desert, there are many activities and options for a romantic stay in the heart of the desert to make your stay memorable. Choose your best desert safari in Dubai attractions and live to the fullest!

What makes a desert safari in Dubai a memorable experience?

The vastness of the Arabian desert, the rich experience among the sand dunes, and the sheer variety of daily activities make the desert trek to Dubai a lifelong experience. Choose from a few photo tours, new desert safari experience, an instilled night safari adventure, and a memorable night in a cold desert – all illuminated in blue.

Decorated with exciting rides, Arabian music, and fine food, the Dubai night safari showcases the most beautiful Arab night and you should definitely try it.

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Morning desert safari in Dubai

  1. Sunrise 

The vast Arabian desert is just the right place to head in the morning as the Sun shines brightly and looks at a vast expanse near the horizon. You are back to golden beauty and you are happy with beauty. Morning is definitely the most photogenic sighting you will ever see in the desert.

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  1. Dune bashing 

Riding a Morning jeep safari in a 4 × 4 SUV between the vast Arabian desert and passing hot air and sand is a thrilling activity of the best desert safari in Dubai. Typically, a jeep picks you up from camp and takes you on a fun ride that lasts about 30 minutes.

  1. Camel safari

The camel safari is usually a morning trek in the desert of Dubai that takes you on an important 45 minute trip. Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as you ride a caravan of camels and explore wildlife. Falcon demonstration is another attraction of the camel desert safari, where travelers take pictures with a beautiful bird.

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  1. Sand ski 

Seamless sand in Dubai offers skiing in the sand – an exciting adventure game, which is one of a kind. There are a few dunes up to a height of 200-300 meters, suitable for skiing. Feel the sand under your ski as you slide down quickly. What a last resort in the desert!

  1.  Quad biking 

Riding a four-year bike in the Arabian desert is one of the most exciting things you can do on a desert trip to Dubai. Round the curves and explore the desert like a professional; quad bike is perfect for adventure lovers on a trip to Dubai.

  1. Hot air ballooning 

The hot air balloon safari gives you a complete 360-degree view of the great Arabian desert. A hot air balloon that can hold up to 24 people at a time creates an adrenaline rush as it soars through the air providing a spectacular view. Desert wildlife, which mainly includes deer and camels, can be seen in the surrounding area.

Evening desert safari in Dubai

  1. Sunset 

The sunset in Dubai’s desert is equally as beautiful as it is less than the rising sun. The orange color dispersed by the sun as it disappears behind one of the mounds is truly spectacular. Drive the Range Rover to one of the mounds and enjoy the times as they look great in the background. This is the perfect time for cheap photos!

  1. Happening night

With a series of leisure activities and activities such as canned dancing, eating fire, swinging, and outdoor belly dancing, the night will never be better. Embrace your luxurious tent and enjoy happy times with your friends and family. Near the tent, spend the night under the stars and enjoy Dubai desert safari with BBQ, bonfire, and celebrations.

  1. Buffet dinner 

Dubai cuisine is known for its mouth-watering flavors and flavors! The buffet used during the Dubai desert trek include evergreen kebabs, hummus, and a host of delicious Iranian and Lebanese cuisine. Belly dance and music during dinner creates a typical Arabian vibe!

  1. Overnight safari 

Dune bashing, desert safari, and stargazing are the highlights of Dubai’s most beautiful desert trip. The nights are usually windy and cold, just in time for you to get inside the Range Rover and take a romantic trip with your partner.

Drive all the way to the mounds and spend time watching the best Arabian desert in the middle of the night. Camping and breakfast cams are the most popular combo offered during the night tour of Dubai.

Tourist attractions: Red Dunes of Al Hibaba

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