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Sikkim has a great balance between its natural beauty and its fauna. However, Sikkim hiking, especially the Goechala trek offers a much-needed adrenaline rush to a few wandering souls. You can see the breathtaking peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Pandim on your Goecha la trek. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, this Goechala guide is the best choice.

The spectacular views of the mountains are one of the reasons to take the Goechala trek Tour. This Goechala tour is considered to be a good alternative to trekking in Nepal. Hikers love to visit the Kanchenjunga Range because of its stunning sunrises. Samiti lake is a highlight of the Goechala trip. It is worth seeing the stunning view of the Lake’s stagnant waters and, most importantly, the display of Mt Pandim within the lake.

Goechala Trip Overview

This list will give you an overview of Goechala’s Journey.

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  • Location: West Sikkim
  • Yokusam is the place to be.
  • Last place: Goecha La
  • Altitude: 16,200 feet.
  • Period: 11 days (up/down).
  • Distance total: 90 km
  • Difficulty
  • The best time to travel is between April-May, October-November
  • Temperatures: Morning and Night – -5 to 10 degrees C
  • You have several options for sleeping arrangements: you can choose from tents, trekking huts or guesthouses along the trail.
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With their knowledge, feasibility, and ease-of-use, the most popular route for passengers is the one that leads from Dzongri via Phedang all the way through Thangsing all the way down to Goechala. You can also skip Dzongri altogether and just walk up and down in Phedang. However, that would take away the essence from the trip.

Travel Modes

Train and plane are the best ways to get to Yokusam Base Camp.

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  • You can fly: There are many communities that connect to Bagdogra Airport. The airport can be reached by taxi from Yokusam. Yokusam is approximately 155km away. It takes about 6-7 hours to get there.
  • Train: New Jalpaiguri Junction, located in Siliguri, West Bengal is the nearest railway station to Sikkim. It connects to major cities. Juxam lies 150km away, and it takes approximately 6 hours to reach New Jarpaigli Junction by cable.

Roadmap to Goechala Pass or Goechala Pass

It is not enough time to hear the whole journey. If you plan to continue a regular route, it shouldn’t take more than 11 days.

Day 1: 

Siliguri’s New Jalpaiguri Junction-> Yokusam Base Camp

Day 2: 

Yokusam-> Sachen

Day 3: 

Sachen-> Bakim-> Choka

Day 4: 

Tshoka-> Phedang-> Dzongri

Day 5: 

Dzongri Holiday

Day 6: 

Dzongri-> Dzongri Up-> Kokchurang-> Thansing

Day 7: 

Thansing-> Lamuney

Day 8: 

Lamuney-> Lake Samiti-> Goechala-> Thansing

Day 9: 

Sansing-> Phedang-> Tshoka

Day 10: 

Tshoka-> Bakhim-> Sachenf-> Yuksom

Day 11: 

Yuksom-> Siliguri’s new Jalpaiguri Junction

Goecha trekking can be very challenging at high altitudes. You need to plan ahead to reach the highest peaks and enjoy the most memorable experience. For those who prefer to take their time, or spend a few extra days at intermediate points, you have the option.

  • By Air: 

There are many cities that can be connected to Bagdogra Airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to Yuksom, which is located at a distance 155 km. This will take between 6 and 7 hours.

  • By Train: 

New Jalpaiguri Junction, located in Siliguri in West Bengal is the closest railway station to Sikkim. It connects to major cities. Yuksom is located at 150 km away from New Jalpaiguri Junction. It can be reached by cable in 6 hours.

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Budget for the Goechala Trek

We calculated the average budget per capita for an 11-day trip, which included central accommodation, meals, license fees, camping tents and hiking trails, yak cost, and other mixed expenses including porters.

  • One-way Bagdogra Airport flight: Round trip 15,000 Rupees (based upon bookings made 30 Days before departure).
  • Accommodation in Yuxam House or Guest House: Rs 1,500 per Person (tax exempt for double rooms)
  • Meals: 2500 Rupees
  • Other: An 11-day trip costs INR 1000 on average

Goechala prices can reach up to Rs. 20,000 per head

Note: Airfare prices are not included. Prices may vary depending on where you’re going.

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