Why is Determination of Fault Complicated in Multi-Vehicle Crashes?


Proving liability in a car accident is a complicated process. It becomes even more complex when multiple vehicles are involved in the crash. The procedure of determining the at-fault driver is complicated in such instances. If you are a victim of a multi-vehicle accident, contact a car accident attorney Cheyenne to get legal assistance in seeking compensation for your losses.

Types of Accidents that Involve Multiple Vehicles

The pileup of multiple vehicles causes chain reaction accidents. They mostly happen near intersection points or highways. Such accidents cause severe injuries and even death. Some of the most common kinds of multi-vehicle crashes are as follows:

  • T-bone accidents

These kinds of crashes are also called side-impact collisions. They are mainly caused when one driver speeds through a red light and collides with the other driver driving in his right of way. Vehicles near both of these cars will not get enough reaction time to brake. This will cause a pile-up of vehicles and, ultimately, an accident.

  • Rear-end accident

Often, drivers end up crashing into the backside of the vehicle ahead of them. This causes that vehicle to collide with another, leading to a rear-end accident.

  • Head-on accidents

Such crashes are one of the highest contributors to the surviving victims’ accidental deaths and severe injuries. It takes place when a car comes veering into the traffic all of a sudden. The extreme force and heavy traffic make it hard for other motorists on the road to avoid an accident, therefore causing a head-on accident.

Factors involved in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Certain factors are considered while determining liability in multi-vehicle accidents. The following factors help in the investigation of the crash and derive the shared proportion of fault by the parties.

  • Evidence from the accident scene

Pictures of the accidents, tire marks on the roadway, and witness testimonies are some of the crucial evidence that helps in reconstructing the accident to determine the events and causes of the accident.

  • Negligence of the motorists

The lawyers will investigate if the accident occurred due to the driver’s negligent conduct. It can include distracted driving, speeding, consuming alcohol or drugs while driving, etc.

  • Road conditions

It is also checked whether the road had issues that increased the chances of an accident. Road hazards like potholes and misplaced signs often cause mishaps. In fact, many accidents occur due to hazardous road conditions.

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